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My Interests

Preparedness . Sustainability . Resilience . Response . Adaptation

A GIS developer based in Nairobi, Kenya

Grace Amondi is a well experienced GIS specialist with proven record in Web & GIS Application development, database management, data visualization and analysis, API Design and system deployment, scripting , automation, familiarity with impact assessment and analysis.

She has strong technical skills and great interpersonal skills, allowing interaction with a wide variety of clients. She strives for improved human welfare by leveraging her GIS and remote-sensing programming skills to developing interactive, user-friendly, state of the art GIS tools, web apps and systems that are able to assess impact for decision making, analyse risk, support the mitigation of crises and threats and foster preparedness, resilience and response.

My Skills

What I am well conversant with

Mapbox GL
Open Layers
Leaflet JS
Google Maps
PostgreSQL / PostGIS
Erdas Imagine
Open Data Kit


What I am up to.

Drought Dash (Under Testing)

Dashboard that summarizes the situation of drought in East Africa. Provides interactive user interface to generate analysis of various drought related information for desire area of interest and time period. Includes maps, downloadable graphs/charts and reports.

Forest Dash (Under Testing)

Summary dashboard displaying forests canopy density, forest type, land cover and forest availability for listed forests in East Africa. Interact with map and analytical elements of the dashboard to generate inferences.

East Africa Drought Watch

Near-real time system that uses Earth Observation and Weather information to monitor drought conditions in the East Africa region. It contain drought-relevant information such as maps of indicators derived from different data sources (e.g., precipitation measurements, satellite measurements, modelled soil moisture content).

Monitoring Integrated Service for Land Degradation - MISLAND (QGIS Plugin)

Decision Support System(DSS) utilizing earth observation data to deliver information, promote awareness and, aid in decision making toward realizing Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) in six OSS North Africa action zone countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania.

VIHIGA Resources Dashboard

Multiple dashboards showing spatially managed county resources.

Crime Information Management System

Seamlessly enable crime reporting, analysis, visualization and presentation

The North and North Eastern Development Initiative

The World Bank launched the NEDI to improve equity and reduce extreme poverty ...

Ordinary Kriging

Prediction of variables of points using Kriging

Random Geojson

Generate random points, lines and polygons within your area of interest

Nairobi Watch

View Hospitals, Schools and roads within Nairobi

Spatial Timetable

Find where, when and what your next class will be.

Latest Blogs

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20 Mar 2019 Design
Create a Django Rest Framework-GIS on Ubuntu 16.04 Server|Alibaba Cloud

In this tutorial, we will create a GIS Django REST framework on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance with Ubuntu 16.04.

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What you can learn from me.

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In this video we will do a detailed introduction on PostGIS and it's features.

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